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10 features the new WhatsApp for iPhone

The world’s most popular messenger is developing a new client for iPhone. According to informed sources, she will be the most significant upgrade of a mobile application for Apple devices. The developers will take into account the wishes of service users and implementing a number missing on the iOS platform functions.

Development update for WhatsApp is already a few weeks. At the moment we know about the 10 features of the new edition of the messenger for the iPhone.

1. Support For Apple Watch

Messenger gets support for smart watches Apple Watch. Owners of portable Apple computer can learn about a new message, reply, mark read or delete, without taking the iPhone out of your pocket.

2. The new interface

Updated WhatsApp for iPhone will remind the client version for Android and Windows Phone. You’ll see a preview of images and some other functions.

3. The web version of WhatsApp for iPhone

In January of this year, the creators of WhatsApp has launched a version of the service that runs in the browser. To confirm the identity of the user on the video screen displays a QR code which the user must assume from your smartphone. Because of the limitations of the iOS platform, the web version of WhatsApp is not yet available for iPhone users. However, with the release of a new version WhatsApp the situation must change.

4. New price

WhatsApp will present an updated price list to use messenger. Subscription for 1 year will cost 0,89 euros for 3 years – 2,69 Euro, 5 years – 4,49 Euro.

5. Mark as read

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Like in Facebook WhatsApp users can mark messages as “read” or “unread”.

6. The Button “Like”

“Mark as read” is not the only option, which will move WhatsApp from Facebook. Like app social network app users will be able to put likes.

7. Customize notifications for individual chats

In the update it will be possible to personalize the sound and type of notification for each chat. Thus, it will be possible to know from whom the message came, not looking at the screen of the smartphone.

8. Mode do Not disturb for individual chats

The function “do Not disturb” WhatsApp will work on the analogy of the messenger iMessage.

9. Backup videos to iCloud

New version of WhatsApp will allow you to keep backup copies of videos sent or received from users of the messenger.

10. Mode save bandwidth for calls.

Special mode for VoIP calls will allow you to save some traffic data on the mobile Internet.

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