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iPhone 7 Plus spent 13 hours at the bottom of the river in Yakutia and remained intact [video]

It is believed that the iPhone is not strongly favor the Russian cold. But a recent case with the iPhone 7 Plus from Yakutia suggests otherwise.

An Instagram user under the name emfedor1983 told the story about the smartphone by Apple, which half the day lay at the bottom of the river and remained intact.

Buddy emfedor1983 asked him to help get the iPhone 7 Plus out of the water. The machine fell into the hole during the night ice fishing. According to rescue, took out a smartphone from the bottom of the river, the gadget has been in the water 13 hours.

Battery iPhone 7 Plus was charged a third. After half a day emfedor1983 pulled it out of the water, whose temperature was only 4 degrees Celsius. The smartphone was still a 19% charge.

“The phone was at the bottom of the river 13 hours with 35% battery. When I got it, battery was 19% , despite the fact that the water temperature was 4 degrees,” said “Savior.”

Video recovery iPhone 7 Plus in Yakutia:

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