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Secret revealed promotional codes on gift cards iTunes

When you activate iTunes gift card App Store is optional to manually enter code: iPhone may find it automatically with the camera. Representatives of the manufacturer of products for Apple Equinix analyzed how technology works read codes on cards iTunes. It turned out that the device recognises two things, a unique hidden font and the border around the code.

Recall, the funds transferred to the account with gift cards for iTunes and Apple Music, you can buy digital content: music, movies, TV shows, applications, ebooks, audiobooks, storage iCloud, etc.

In Equinix tried to recognize different fonts, different border, but it was all in vain. Experts came to the conclusion that Apple used the font is stored deep in iTunes.

“We realized what was happening, when I noticed that when scanning the application for short term displays the code in a digital format. This means that the font must be somewhere in the app. We tried to do the same thing with iTunes on macOS. And voila – iTunes for Mac behaves the same.

Looking at the folders inside the iTunes library, we found a plugin called “CodeRedeemer”. Close. But, alas, the fonts are not there. Binaries show that the reading takes place in “CoreRecognition.framework”.

In the framework, I found two font – Scancardium to enter and code recognition and Spencardium, which, apparently, hides credit card details. Both fonts can be found on the Mac by going to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreRecognition.framework/Resources/Fonts/.

The usual double click you can install the fonts on your Mac and use them in different applications. This will be especially useful to developers who want to create their own promo codes for App Store.

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Equinix has managed to create their own cards with the codes that it recognizes the App Store.

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