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How to install World of Warships Blitz on iPhone and iPad right now

This week in the App Store debut of World of Warships Blitz – new multiplayer game from Wargaming, based on the popular computer strategy game World of Warships. According to the developers, the project takes all the strategic and tactical possibilities of the project, together with a gripping storyline from computers to smartphones and tablets.

At the moment World of Warships Blitz is distributed only in the Philippine App Store. The game is free, that is download it, everyone can. There are no timers, fuel terminals, or energy cells. Do not need to buy to play and enjoy the gameplay as much as you want.

However, outside of the Philippines download World of Warships Blitz until quite problematic. But if you make an account in the office App Store, then you can play right now.

How to download World of Warships Blitz on iPhone and iPad right now

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: log out of your account Apple ID.

Step 3: Click on the icon with the check mark in the lower right corner of the iTunes window, switch to the Philippines.

Step 4: Write in the search on top of World of Warships Blitz and find the game. Click the Get button under the application icon.

Step 5: In the window “sign in to iTunes Store” click to Create a new Apple ID.

Step 6: On the next screen, fill in all required fields. Is not necessary to enter accurate information, important precisely to specify an email address and a strong password.

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Step 7: under payment Information, select the options “No”. If you just decide to get an account, but will not upload a free app, this option will not appear.

Step 8: Complete the remaining information. Again to keep the authenticity not required.

Step 9: In your mailbox will receive a link to confirm your account. Go for it.

Step 10: Download World of Warships Blitz and sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes. The game will appear on your mobile device.

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