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Samsung has teamed up with Microsoft to copy one of the key technologies Apple

One of the most useful features of the upcoming flagship Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ is a new desktop mode that allows you to connect a smartphone to an external monitor. But the South Korean phone brand will be another associated with desktops feature: the ability to unlock any computer on Windows 10. It will support any Samsung smartphone with a fingerprint scanner.

This functionality might sound familiar to you. The fact that last year Apple introduced the ability to remote unlock your Mac by using Apple Watch. Only in the case of “Apple” technique everything works even easier: the user does not even need to touch the fingerprint: if the clock is on hand, macOS Sierra rasplachivaetsya automatically. Just Wake up the Mac and all, to enter a password.

Technology remote unlock your computer using Touch ID on iPhone is available in third-party apps like MacID.

On Android devices the feature will be called Flow. It allows you to unlock any computer with Windows operating system 10 by touching the fingerprint scanner. In Seoul are said to have gone on the expansion of the smartphone capabilities in response to received user queries. A corresponding change will be implemented together with the release of Windows 10 Update Creators.

According to preliminary information, the release will be released in April, although Microsoft has not announced a final release date for the update.

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