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Seng: best replacement for the standard panel of multitasking to iOS [video]

After a long wait, the jailbreak community finally got an alternative to the popular tweak Auxo. Despite the fact that Auxo 3 recently updated to support iOS 9.0, users with jailbreak have the thought to look towards Seng. Tweak is justifiably claims to be the best replacement standard bar multitasking on the iPhone.

At first glance, Seng similar to Auxo. Here the same three main functional features that Auxo 3: a multi-center, quick toggles, “hot” corners. In fact, the tweaks are largely different.

Also like Auxo, Seng involves the combination of two key elements of the user interface of iOS control centre and multitasking. It is accessed by a simple swipe up gesture, by analogy with the control center on iOS. Thus, the user no need to press twice on the Home button to launch multitasking. Using the swipe up on the “card” app, it can be close, and a similar gesture on the thumbnail of the home screen allows you to close all apps at once.

While Seng suggests alternative location of interactive elements on the panel. The user has the ability to place any of the available panels at the top and/or bottom of the screen and in any order. There are no limits, and the same buttons to turn on and off wifi, Bluetooth and Airplane mode you can add up or down. And there are plenty to choose. In addition to toggle the shortcuts available to quickly launch applications, buttons AirDrop and AirPlay, panel the media player, the name of the track/performance, slider volume and screen brightness. All changes will be effective immediately – without respring or rebooting the device.

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Seng is in the testing phase and presented in their own repositories of the developer. To add it in Cydia, just open the software Sources section, click edit and specify the address

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