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Apple has filed a patent application for a folding tablet

After the update of the patent application on flexible display for iPhone, Apple appealed to the patent and trademark office for a new patent. According to the publication Patently Apple, this time the company is developing a foldable tablet.

This confirms the rumors that Apple is working with LG on creating the folding devices. The application States that the tablet will have a special area that allows you to bend the gadget along the Central axis. The screen will follow the shape of the hull.

In the Memorandum to the patent it is reported that the device can be opened and closed like a book. The display of the gadget is likely to be made of OLED panels. However, it is possible that flexible screens are applied the studies for the establishment of displays, micro-LED.

Apple is already applying the technology of flexible displays in their devices. For example, the screen of iPhone X seems completely flat, although really it is a flexible panel with edges tucked into the body of the device. This maneuver allows you to use the lower area of the display.

The new patent will allow the Corporation from Cupertino to move forward and to market even more complex gadgets. Output products, equipped with flexible screens, can be held in 2021. By that time Apple will have time to develop a reliable technology to create panels of micro-LED or invent something entirely new.

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