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The head of LG Display has confirmed that Apple iPhone 8 will move to the use of OLED displays

At least one version of the new iPhone in 2017 will be equipped with OLED display. It is reported by The Investor with reference to the statement of the head of LG Display Han sang-Beom made at the meeting of the Korea Display Industry Association in Seoul.

“Apple will not be able to 100% go to OLED displays, – said the head of LG Display. – Considering that the annual supply of Apple are 220-330 million iPhones, the plastic OLED panel will not be the only type of displays for the new iPhone.”

OLED panel has several advantages compared to IPS displays. They are much thinner and lighter, and hence will allow manufacturers to reduce the thickness of the case (to aspire to the Apple) and place inside a more capacious battery. In OLED displays do not highlight the black pixels, due to what may be a continuous show the most important information. Other advantages of such panels include saturated colors and deep blacks is essentially unattainable on LCD screens.

LG Display probably knows about the plans of the California giant for the transition to OLED, as it is one of the main suppliers of screens for Apple.

According to reports, Apple in 2017 plans to release the iPhone in three variants of the diagonal. In addition to the standard 4.7 and 5.5-inch versions, the line should be a smartphone with a diagonal of 5.8 inches. Apparently, the iPhone 8 will have OLED display, while the other models will be equipped with LCD screen.

It is expected that sales exclusive iPhone 8 will be up to 30% of sales of all iPhone until next fall. This means that Apple will release at least 70 million such devices. This explains why Apple ordered 60 million flexible OLED screens from Samsung (it was recently reported that 60 to 70 million flexible panels will be manufactured by Samsung Display).

In 2017 Apple is going to celebrate 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. Based on this, many experts are predicting a complete redesign of the model and the emergence of many innovative solutions, including display, occupying the entire front panel of the smartphone.

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