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Samsung Galaxy S6 fell almost to pre-crisis levels

Despite the rapid growth of dollar flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 in Russia dropped sharply in a number of retailers. Samsung Galaxy S6 with a storage capacity of 32 GB sold at a price of 31 490 rubles — almost 20% cheaper than before.

A number of retailers Samsung Galaxy S6 now sold at a price of 490 31 or 31 990 rubles. For comparison, the flagship solutions of LG G4 and HTC One A9 cost 39 990 rubles for the Sony Xperia Z5 will have to pay from 44 990 rubles, and for a standard configuration iPhone 6s asked 56 990 rubles. It seems that Samsung really want to compete for customers in not the easiest market to time. How to react to it’s competitors – time will tell. But it is clear that the winners will be customers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 started to fall in the middle of the year. In June in the trade networks of the model with memory of 32 GB were sold at the price of 35 990 rubles. Initially the device was announced for 53 990 rubles, but on the day of entering the market value of Korean novelties fell to 49 990 rubles, and in another 11 days – up to 43 990 rubles. The smartphone has already overcome a psychological mark, but the price still continues to fall, having decreased already to 45% in a few months. In the “grey” retail Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge even cheaper.

Note that in the first days of sales (started April 16) Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge have been bought for less than the Galaxy S5, which appeared in Russia in April 2014. According to employees of several retail chains, in first day in stores selling Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge appeared to be twice lower than the Galaxy S5, as compared with the previous flagship, Galaxy S4, – 7 times.

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Note that at the end of December, Apple has started to raise prices for Russian users: the first rose of the Apple Watch. Will there be an increase across the lineup, including the iPhone, is still unknown. Experts do not exclude the possibility of raising Russian prices on all electronics after the holidays.

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