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Best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad

If you are tired of numerous commercials on the websites, and to use the reading mode is not very convenient, you can install ad blockers for your iPhone or iPad that will remove different ads and will help to maintain confidentiality.

Blockers work in Safari and only available on 64-bit devices. After the program is installed, you must enable it in the settings iPhone or iPad.

Below are the best app to eliminate advertisements.


Crystal is one of the best blockers on the market applications due to the ease of adding sites to the White List, which is important if you wish to help keep profit your favorite blogs. Often, advertising on websites is not very annoying, until it begins to block the entire screen and prevent you to consume information. Crystal does not drop the hype and blocks annoying. So if the user wants to help your favorite blogs to earn money but tired of the occasional full screen banners, Crystal can help.


1Blocker the most versatile blocker in the app store. Here you can set any rules blocking ads, cookies, alerts, Twitter and Facebook, adult content and other things. Plus, there can be added some sites to the White List, while others completely block. Also, you can change the terms of the lock and admission cookies and various elements from certain sites.

1Blocker free, but only with limited functionality. For an additional fee you can unlock the ability to use more than one function simultaneously. If the user does not need a large blocker functionality, it is possible to do the free version.

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Perhaps Purify with a simple ad blocker.It does have a slight additional features, like blocking images, scripts and custom fonts (this may slow down page loading), so if the user is blocking ads, then this is a great option. One of the best features of this application — adding sites to the White List by using the “share” button. It is very convenient to do while in Safari.

Another nice feature of Purify — lock extra content, like images, which slows down the loading of pages. It will help save battery power.

If you need a simple ad blocker that can increase the speed of loading pages, Purify will be a great solution.


This app is a little different from the previous one. It uses a VPN connection on iPhone and iPad in order to block ads all over the device, including apps. VPN is required to block banners shareware applications.

If there is a need to block all ads on your device, AdBlock sure I can to help.

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