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In Apple over the iPhone camera employs 800 professionals [video]

Top managers of Apple gave an interview to journalist Charlie rose for the “60 Minutes”. The company representatives responded to a number of new issues, voicing an interesting fact associated with the camera of your iPhone.

As told the head of the Corporation Tim cook, the iPhone just is the most popular camera among users. It’s all in really high quality the PV panel, which is a huge team of 800 engineers. This team consists of engineers, developers and other specialists.

Head of the Department for the development of the iPhone camera Graham Townsend. During a tour of the lab the Apple he showed the PV panel iPhone 6s Plus. Top Manager said that the camera of the smartphone consists of more than 200 different components. Townsend was shown the system optical image stabilization, which helps take better photos in difficult conditions, noting that the iPhone every second handles over 24 billion transactions to create a good picture.

Working on the iPhone camera, the company’s specialists recreate in the laboratory a variety of conditions, e.g., simulating lighting at sunset or poor interior lighting.

Flash Only:

The camera of the iPhone is the pride of Apple. The Corporation has built an entire advertising campaign around this component, drawing the user’s attention that it is getting better with every next generation smartphone.

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