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The FBI couldn’t get access to half the mobile devices that store sensitive evidence

The Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Komei said that intelligence agencies failed to access half of the mobile devices in the first half of the year. Komei told about 3,000 smartphones, which he called “appropriate and accessible technical tools” for investigation.

According to the head of the secret services using iPhone criminals know perfectly well, how convenient for them to store the information in encrypted form. Komei spoke in support of a bill requiring smartphone manufacturers to install devices in backdoors for the FBI.

“I can imagine a world in which there is legislation which device manufacturers in the United States will be obliged to implement court orders. Or we’ll never get to it. Now we are in productive talks on this issue.”

From the words Komeya it is clear that the goal of the FBI to compel smartphone manufacturers to put in backdoors for secret services.

“We all like privacy, we all care about the safety of society, and none of us wants backdoors – we don’t want there was some way to access the device. What we want is to work with manufacturers on a compromise that could satisfy the interests of everyone.”

Previously, Apple explained why it is impossible to implement a backdoor for access to information on your iPhone or iPad. In this case, there is a great risk that she will be able to use not only the security services.

From February to April 2016 Apple sued the FBI after the failure in hacking the iPhone, which belonged to the arrow from San Bernardino. In the end, the intelligence agencies managed to hack the smartphone of a terrorist without the help of the company.

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