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Sales of the Apple Watch has not justified expectations of analysts

Smart watch Apple Watch was not as successful product, as analysts expected, reports The Wall Street Journal with reference to the report of the company Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE). Last supplies components for highly integrated hardware platform Apple S1 for a wearable device.

Reportedly, ASE failed to achieve break-even production level of 2 million units per month in the second quarter of the year, and the company does not expect to reach that target in the third quarter. The fact that the provider has not received the desired result suggests that the Apple Watch is sold “not as good as some analysts expect,” the newspaper said.

“Insufficient supply of the Apple Watch is a real disappointment,” says analyst mark Lee. – We predicted poor results, but the information about the failure to reach the break-even threshold, surprised us”. According to analysts, sales of Apple Watch to the end of the year will not exceed 18 million copies.

The lack of strong demand for Apple Watch caused analysts KGI Securities projected to reduce the volume of deliveries of smart watches to the global market in 2015, with 20-30 million to 15 million units. Of these, about 5-6 million units will be delivered in the third quarter of 2015. According to KGI Securities, the demand for the Apple Watch is slowing down. Analysts do not have to explain, than it may be caused.

In the report there is one more interesting detail — about 80% of all produced have Watch case measuring 42 mm – hours major option. According to observers, it may indicate that buyers of the device mostly are men who prefer a larger model. For women there is also an option in the 38mm case.

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Before announcing the results of the quarter Apple analysts predicted the current volume of sales of the Apple Watch on the level of 2.85 USD 5.7 million units – an average 4,07 million following the conference call, many lowered its forecast to 2.2-3 million units. Although the company Strategy Analytics in a recent report evaluated the delivery of new items at the level of 4 million

In the past, Apple CEO Tim cook claimed that he had not seen a single report that would be closer to actual performance. Obviously, Cooke wanted to say that experts are so wrong, trying to assess the sale of those or other devices, a California Corporation.

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