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“Nano sales employee”: a system to manage clients and sales

In the App Store and Mac App Store a lot of different developments of the game direction. But sometimes to directories Apple needs to find a app to work, which is very difficult with such a number of entertainment content. The application of “Nano Manager sales” provides everything that can be useful to a small organization – financial accounting, database, sales, purchasing, customers and suppliers, and much more. The program automatiseret many sales processes.

Interface”, Nano sales employee” is simple and clear – the left is a menu with different categories and functions on the right displays the information.
If you already have such a database, you can import it from Dropbox or upload in CSV format. For this the left menu has special items. Backup database created in the application, are also possible. All lists and reports will be in the format .csv or .xls

On the main page of the app displays financial information and the schedule of dynamics of sales.

In “organizer” you can see current projects and tasks, a list of contacts and incidents, and to analyze the efficiency of sales with “sales Funnel”. A sales funnel is a report on the percentage of projects that came to the sale. For complex sales processes, you must create a project for each customer and select the status of the proposed or create your own. By default, the project will be the following stages: introduction, presentation, commercial offer, contract signed and sold. Also, the project will be very useful for solving problems with the customer – at the “Help” tab you can see solutions for the most popular of disagreements with the client and add your time. Module “Incidents” keeps records about client requests and service.

In the “Finances” can keep track of all finances of the company. Here is provided detailed information about all receipts and expenditures, showing the dynamics and structure of payments, and processing bills.

Next come the Sales. The item “sales Orders” displays a detailed table of orders, it also shows you the status of each order and customer. There is even the ability to specify passive clients and the period for which has not been made any transaction. Sales is also responsible for configuring the products that are selling the best over a certain period of time. The item “Debtors” helps to keep track of debtors. You only need to set the maximum loan and payment term, after which the app will notify you of the shipment of goods to the debtor. All accounts and invoices can be sent to you or your client by email and also printed. The app allows you to select the template when printing documents (invoice, invoice, sales invoice, waybill TORG-12, universal transmission document DFC, etc.).

The most important information collected in the report “Marginal income”, where you can view total revenue for a selected time interval, by regions, customers, stores, and other parameters.

In the “Procurement” there is another database responsible for tracking suppliers, as orders and amount. In this category, is a very interesting feature called “the Deficit in the warehouse”. It is possible to do sales order. That is to provide customers with invoices for goods, which currently are out of stock, and then count how many you need to buy a particular product.

The category of “Goods”, of course, displays a list of items and their quantity, but there is an interesting function “Search by photo”. From the title it is obvious that to find any product not just by name but also by photo. Very useful is the function “processing”, which can be used to follow products in stock, changing only the condition purchase. Function directly connected with the database of purchases and products, so the application is able to calculate balances of stock and even forecast the following receipt of an item.

In the “Organizations” can be viewed separately name and phone numbers of suppliers, customers or display all organization.

“Nano sales Manager” allows you to customize your own profile and knows how to work with taxes.

In Mac version there is a useful feature of tracking their workers. Thus, once in the program you can see who is responsible for what, and schedule. Here is the account of regular customers, which later can give a discount on services.

Download “Nano Sales Manager” for iPhone and iPad at this link.
Download “Nano Manager Sales” for Mac here.

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