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Russian customs likened the Apple Watch to the regular wrist watch and has introduced a fee of 10%

Apple Watch isn’t wireless device for receiving and transmitting data, according to importers, and an ordinary wrist watch, agreed the Federal customs service (FCS). So instead of zero customs duty they now have an airport tax of 10%. About it reports “Kommersant”.

At the end of the year, the FCS has imposed increased customs duty on Apple Watch. “In September 2016, when Apple started to import Apple Watch, the FCS began to classify the product as a wireless device for reception and data transfer (zero fees), but after a few months, tentatively in early December, it was decided to classify the Apple Watch as hours for which you charge a ten percent fee,” said an industry source.

This is confirmed by the publication in the proceedings taken preliminary decisions of the customs authorities of the member States of the Customs Union the classification of goods. The document says that Russia classifies as a clock of the electronic device with stainless steel housing, with display of 1.53 inches, covered with sapphire crystal steel mesh bracelet with magnetic clasp, size 35,9x42x10,5 mm. This description matches the characteristics of the Apple Watch 42mm cost 60 990 rubles, listed on the Apple website.

Due to the fact that TCF started charging 10% fee on these devices, the Apple Watch before the New year has risen in price in retail for about 15%. December 11, Apple raised the price of Apple Watch in 7 to 17%, depending on the model.

That day, the official representative of Apple said that the Corporation is creating pictures in each country depending on a number of factors, including the currency exchange rate, local laws on the import of goods, business practices and taxation.

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Apple did not comment on the situation with the introduction of a ten percent duty in the Russian Federation.

“Problems with the distribution did not experience”,— assured in “the Beeline”. In “M. Video” see “significant growth of interest of buyers to devices from the segment of wearable electronics, in particular, to the smart watch”. “According to our data, in 2015 the market grew by 55% in units and nearly 280% in the money. Only sold about 90-100 thousand smart hours. The market leaders — Apple, Samsung, Sony”,— reported in “M. Video”.

Russia increase of import rates on a smart watch is true not only of the products Apple, but also Samsung, LG and Sony, follows from the letter of the Association RATEK Deputy head of Federal customs service Tatiana Galendeev. “Smart watches” are wireless receiving and transmitting devices, a full-time job which is impossible without connecting to a mobile phone, all displayed on the device information is created and managed by the connected mobile phone that’s written in there.

In March 2015, the HS Committee of the world customs organization (WCO) recognized the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear SM–V700, Sony SmartWatch SWR50, Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30м “machines for the reception, conversion and transmission or regeneration of voice, images or other data” (a zero rate), however, FCS does not agree with this classification and considers these devices are wrist watches with opto-electronic display.

“The situation is not conducive to improving the image of the Russian customs service and promotion of Russia in the world Bank Doing Business”,— said in the letter RATEC.

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