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Apple hired the best jailbreak hackers to make iOS “absolutely protected”

Apple hired a team of security experts known jailbreak developer P0sixninja and Chronic, reports 9to5Mac. At the moment they are working on a new multi-platform security for iPhone and iPad.

Will Strapac, better known online as Chronic and Joshua hill, P0sixninja, who’s working on the protection of Apple mobile devices. Two of the leading hacker together with a group of other unnamed jailbreak developers create a new platform, Apollo. The developers call it a “Platform next generation security with an exclusive focus on iOS.”

In an interview with resource Chronic spoke about his work at Apple and some of the features of the system. The first question to which the answer is said to the developers, was: “Why Apple trusted jailbreak developers, the security of their devices?”

“We know the operating system iOS far and wide, for many years we have studied its features. We know the weak areas you need to pay attention, we know which parts of your code less protected and vulnerable to attacks of a new type,” explained hacker. According to Chronic, and now instead of working on hacking iOS, they with the same tenacity work hard to make the OS “fully protected”.

The jailbreak developer will Strapac (P0sixninja)

According to the hacker, the Apollo platform consists of two components: for corporate clients and ordinary consumers. Equally they protect iOS devices from leakage of personal data, download evil FOR and from trusted third party sources. Option for companies also offers special features for system administrators: whitelist and blacklist, disabling system apps, assistant activation lock, monitoring service, preventive maintenance and complete removal of user data.

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The jailbreak developer will Strapac (Chronic)

About when Chronic and P0sixninja joined Apple developer, not reported. The company is known for the “killed” jailbreak for devices with iOS 9 almost three months ago and since then, independent hackers are unable to create a tool for hacking. iOS 9.0.2 is the latest version firmware compatible with the jailbreak. But Apple stopped signing the software, so to restore to previous iOS versions is not possible.

Hackers P0sixninja and Chronic was part of the Chronic Dev team, which for several years was released exploits for jailbreaking. In 2012, they are in full force attended a computer security conference Hack In The Box (HITB), which introduced Absinthe – exploit for untethered jailbreak of iOS 5 on the iPhone and iPad. In 2013 Chronic Dev Team officially ceased to exist.

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