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Ryan Petrich has updated Activator, Flipswitch, BioLockdown to support iOS 10

A month and a half since the release of the jailbreak Yalu102 the developers have updated many tweaks that can now be used on devices with iOS 10. Today Ryan Petrich has announced compatibility updates for six popular jailbreak add: Activator, Flipswitch, FlipControlCenter, BioLockdown, and RocketBootstrap HapticPro.

Activator add – in, without which it would be impossible the existence of many other tweaks in Cydia. It is the center of gesture control, in which various actions can be assigned dozens of different gestures and duplicity, and chetyrehpolozyj, and swipe in different directions, and taps on the status bar or the volume buttons.

Jailbreak add-in adds HapticPro iOS 10 support vibration when typing. Works very simply – clicks on the button, iPhone, or iPad is slightly vibrated. Petrich has provided fine settings for the tweak.

BioLockdown allows you to lock apps in iOS 10 using the fingerprint scanner built into the home button of the iPhone. This twice, to use a fingerprint module to restrict access to games and applications. For example, to lock Photos, iMessage, or social networking clients. You can lock the settings and control.

With FlipControlCenter is possible to perform fine adjustment of the control Point. After installing on a hacked gadget tweak allows you to control the buttons of the control. By default, Apple added here only five functions – Wi-Fi, airplane mode, Bluetooth, do Not disturb and rotation Lock and four applications Flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Camera.

Flipswitch is a special framework for the development of switches in iOS. Their main task is to enable/disable various hardware and software components of Apple mobile devices, for example, a Bluetooth receiver, dynamics, VPN connection, etc. Flipswitch enables any developer to add a switch to your tweak or app, while writing minimum code.

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To install Activator, Flipswitch, FlipControlCenter, BioLockdown, and RocketBootstrap HapticPro from the repository of the developer – Full list of tweaks compatible with iOS 10, can be found on this page.

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