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Divan analyst lost 19 million, betting on the collapse of Apple

A Reddit user lost $2.5 million, which he received in inheritance. Recent rate of $325 000 (about 19 million) was for the collapse of Apple’s prior quarterly report. The bet is not played.

User under the name fscomeau told his story on Reddit. According to him, the inheritance he received from his uncle, who led a “secretive lifestyle,” appeared on family meetings 1-2 times per year where without words “slowly sipping cognac with 7Up”.

After the death from cancer of Richard bequeathed her nephew $2.5 million to the Relatives wondered how the old man had amassed such a sum, but according to the user, the uncle led an ascetic way of life. Along with the inheritance he received a short note, free interpretation which he shared with Reddit:


In my childhood I was told that life is a game. Now that I’m grown, I can say that life is indeed a game; just not very funny.”

Upon receipt of the funds Frank decided to try his hand at the stock exchange, writes Kanobu. At first, he was lucky: he did a small bet (about $30 000) and even several times I guess iPhone sales. Now Frank believes that he should have lost, then forgot about the auction forever.

Starting in 2014 fscomeau was regularly losing money, making mistakes in the forecasts for Brexit (British exit from the EU), the victory of Hillary Clinton.

The last of 325,000 reminded Frank about his “successes” as an analyst of the IT market.

“I started my career with Apple, I’ll finish it with Apple”.

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Frank complains that trading mentally and emotionally exhausted him, caused a huge loss to his health, mental and physical. Because he is “tired of losing money,” the best solution seemed to be to put a 10-15% drop in iPhone sales in the first fiscal quarter of 2017. As we know, the rate has not played.

Forecast Frank reinforced the powerful Analytics. In short, the iPad is dead, Mac sales are falling, and Apple Watch…

“Hours… Let’s not even mention the Apple Watch, lol”.

The expert further called iPhone 7 fiasco, since, well, you know, headphone. The sentence Frank is disappointing: the lack of 3.5 mm audio Jack – the only thing that distinguishes the iPhone 7, 6s, Apple is doomed to slowly fall down like Nokia and BlackBerry.

After the release of the financial report, which blew the whole “Analytics”, the author stood in a protective stance.

I’ll hold this position and not going to change their opinion. I’m “pretty sure” Apple will fail to the next income and it is what I expect. Thank you.

Someone Frank it reminds.

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