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Apple launched the campaign Back to Uni 2017: gift cards in $50 and $100 to the iPad and Mac

Apple has launched its customary for US market and Europe of discount program Back to Uni, which is aimed at students and teachers. The action takes place in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. The meaning of this initiative is to implement more products for students ahead of the start of the school season.

Previously, Apple offered gift card for $100 with every Mac purchased, and $50 with each iPad. Then in the list has been added and iPhone, which spread the card is $50. Last year year, Apple revised the terms of the stock and introduced a new offer: purchase a Mac users get the Beats Solo2 wireless headphones and the choice of iPad Pro, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 wireless on-ear headphones Beats Powerbeats2.

This year, the company went back to gift cards, and promotions announced iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iPad Pro. In Back to Uni not participate in the Mac mini and the device, past the recovery procedure (refurbished).

In New Zealand when you purchase the Mac will issue a gift card with a face value of NZ$105 (about 4500 RUB.), but when buying iPad on the NZ$75 (almost 3200 RUB) In Australia along with Mac customers will get Apple Store Gift Card for AUD $ 100, and with iPad – map 75 Australian dollars. In Japan, students are offered cards with ¥8500 and ¥5500.

The promotion is valid not only in the online Apple store. Get gift cards is to purchase the computer in a conventional store or through an authorised retailer. To participate in the program must be a student, a parent of a student or staff of an educational institution.

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The validity Back to Uni in 2017 in New Zealand, Australia and Japan from 7 February to 17 March. Enough to upgrade their equipment.

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