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Snapchat has introduced glasses with built in camera for $130 [video]

Popular mobile messenger Snapchat introduced sunglasses with an embedded camera. The device cost $ 130 called Spectacles.

Smart glasses can record video up to 10 seconds and transfer it to your smartphone wirelessly. “We have created one of the smallest wireless video camera that lets you shoot snappy during the day on a single charge”, — stated in the description of the device.

Spectacles are connected directly to the Snapchat app on your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing you to immediately upload captured video and publish it in the new format.

Spectacles will be a limited edition in the fall of 2016. The exact device specifications and date of release the company did not call, noting that the glasses will be available “soon”. The device will be sold only in one size, choice of colors — black, turquoise and coral.

Co-founder and head of Snapchat Evan Spiegel tested a prototype of the gadget since the beginning of 2015. On the company’s website demonstrated how to work the video playback with the points in Snapchat. In particular, it will not be a traditional portrait or landscape mode, the video can be viewed at any position of the smartphone.

The company changed its name to Snap, which is intended to reflect its beyond messenger ambitions. Earlier this year, and investors valued the startup at $18 billion.

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