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Russian users believe the Telegram Pavel Durov the most secure messenger

Only 39% of Russian users believe the most secure messaging with encryption by default. It found analysts ESET, interviewed 500 users. The respondents answered the question: “Which messenger do you think is most secure?”.

Russian users are distinguished Patriotic attitude – 31% named the safest Telegram the founder of “Vkontakte” of Pavel Durov. In fact, this messenger supports end-to-end encryption only in secret chat that does not reduce the number of fans.

The second line of the rating of the security, according to Russian respondents, is the world’s most popular messenger WhatsApp (more than one billion users in over 180 countries). He was named the most secure 25% of respondents. In third place Viber, scored 14% of the vote.

39% of respondents named WhatsApp and Viber are the safest, closest to the truth. Messenger both use a technology called end-to-end encryption. This means that all messages sent to chat rooms, encrypted on users ‘ devices. The decryption key is only the author and recipient. Even if the data is intercepted by outsiders to decipher them fail.

A relatively large number of respondents – 14% – called safe messenger Skype. Quite a bit of votes scored Facebook Messenger (3%) and Google Hangouts (2%). There are fans retro – 3% of users voted for the good old ICQ.

In comments to the survey, users discussed alternatives. Advanced recalled the “secret” Signal, which recommends Edward Snowden, and “conservatives” called for the abandonment of messengers in favor of personal communication or pigeon.

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