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PokeGone extension for Google Chrome blocks pokemon

For Google Chrome browser extension created, capable of blocking any mention of Pokémon Go. Multiplayer online game with elements of augmented reality for a few days won wide popularity.

The extension called PokeGone works with social networks Facebook and Twitter, and sites Reddit and Google News. Posts that can potentially contain the words about mobile Pokémon Go, replaced by a playful inscription about the reasons of blocking on a black background.

The extension searches the posts the mention of the name, and the names of the pokemon and the appropriate hashtags. If desired, the user can disable the lock and read the contents of the post.

According to Google Trends, the Pokémon Go was ahead of the Internet porn. For the first time this happened on Tuesday, July 12. This trend only strengthened.

Developed by Nintendo the game was released on iOS and Android on July 6 and since then, beats records of popularity and downloads in the United States and other regions where it is already available. Release for Russia was not yet, but many fans of the pokemon already play them, using the change of location in phone settings.

Pokémon Go requires users to physically move in the real world, to collect and pump their pokemon to join the team to participate in tournaments against other players.

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