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Review fitness tracker Jawbone UP2

After UP3 and UP4 company Jawbone has introduced an updated and more accessible version of the popular fitness wristband UP24, called UP2. It should not be confused with UP2.0 — very old tracker manufacturer, which is long overdue will be sent to the dustbin of history. Jawbone UP2 much more fresh and interesting device.

From senior fellow UP3 and UP4, Junior UP2 inherited a new design and construction. The bracelet is thinner, lighter and more comfortable on the hand is almost not there and did not distract his presence. If before that bracelet is clasped a hand and generally consisted of not too elastic casing, hiding inside the electronics, it is now UP looks different. Case with different patterns and all the stuffing is a Central part of the bracelet, which leaves very elastic strap with adjustable metal buckle. This helped to increase the reliability and durability of the device, and also to get rid of the division into three sizes (S, M and L) — now only one size, but fits all and everyone. The clasp seems robust, but still raises some concerns. It is likely that it will become loose over time, and the bracelet will start to fly from his hand. This would be especially frustrating, as it is almost non-existent, which means to notice a loss in a timely manner will be difficult.

In addition to the appearance has changed and the method of recharging the bracelet. If earlier for this purpose we used the 2.5 mm Jack with a short cable tail for connection to the USB port of your computer or laptop, it is now gone, replaced by a magnetic connector. The decision is debatable, but again, it should be better for the reliability and durability of the device.

Been modified and control UP2. Previously, you had to press a mechanical button, sometimes leading to a deformation of the casing or even the button itself. Now no buttons on the body that, at first, daunting. How to enable and how to use it? The first time requires a connection to the charging cable and the computer. On the body of the bracelet will start flickering lights and brand application for UP2/3/4 (other than UP/24/Move) tell me how to link UP2 with your smartphone just by tapping the touch panel on the front side of the housing. In the future, a double tap will allow you to find out the active mode of the bracelet (this is called awakening), sleep mode can be activated by holding your finger on the surface of the body upon awakening.

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Alas, the stopwatch mode using the bracelet now be activated not only through the app on your smartphone. Mode daytime sleep unfortunately, there is not even a smartphone app, so now take a NAP during the day without compromising productivity will not work. In addition to the usual Move icons activity and sleep, UP2 you can also notice the notification icon, which serves to display the set reminders (to go to bed early, for example). Changed the soft reset process of the bracelet — now we need to connect it to the charging cable, and a USB port, wait for the flashing, pull out and quickly insert the cable and then sync the band with your smartphone again.


Compared with the UP24 and UP past the control device has greatly complicated, but I think this is again done for the sake of reliability, since the mechanical part of the past of those bracelets may give the. The first time these double taps and deductions have to get used to, for some reason they don’t always work the first time, but after a couple of days can get the hand and almost always evoke the bracelet on the first attempt.

Alas, there does not appear recognition activity, which is in UP3, due to the large number of sensors. Of course, the bracelet, as before, offer you to register the type of activity or inactivity after some time, but it is not a completely automatic recognition. The bracelet is about 9 days, that is enough. With it, you can still walk in shower (but not to swim and dive), he still regularly counts your steps, workouts, monitors sleep. The smartphone app is becoming better, and the smart” trainers are all useful. With the help of simple but effective tips program can really make your life a little better.

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What is the result?

Roughly speaking, we have all of the same UP24, only more successful, reliable and comfortable body, but more controversial and unusual controls. Somehow lost the ability to NAP, I want to believe that it will add in one of the updates of the app or the firmware of the bracelet. Currently available in only two colour options UP2 — grey and black with different patterns on the body. Later in the sale will be other color options, also different materials (as was claimed for UP3).

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