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Fallout Shelter – unexpectedly great simulator

Fallout Shelter came from not waiting – yesterday nobody (well, except for the authors and the publisher) didn’t know about this game. And today – BAM! and media attention from around the world. What happened? On debut for E3 2015 press conference Bethesda, the company stated: in support to the normal Fallout 4, which will be released in November of this year, manufactured mobile Fallout Shelter. Right now. We ran and played, was very good.

You are a sort of Supreme overseer of the vault is under your care and the development of post-house, and the well-being of its residents. The role currencies play covers of soda, and three kinds of resources: water, energy and food. Replenished at the expense of the rooms that you build in the thickness of the cave. But the most essential life-support systems, can cut through even a first rate medical facility, a private radio station, or even a plant for the production of “Nuka-Cola”. However, this is still far away – would be to establish a normal life.

Need to monitor the well-being of citizens and their, shall we say, career. Each resident has a familiar lover Badlands range of Special skills and abilities that directly affect personal efficiency. Say, it makes no sense to put behind the counter of a local person dining room with underdeveloped Agility – to cook slowly and possibly bad. As it is pointless to leave alone two people with low charisma replenishment from such nerdy introverts just do not expect.

Team management is half the battle. Still need to plan for during construction (if the next room of the same type – they combine a nice increase to the characteristics and configuration of personnel. At the entrance of the shelter regularly on duty recruits wishing to join the team, but not always there is a reason to take them – to support. However, to expand anyway: the more residents, the wider the list of available buildings.

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In the spirit of Fallout Shelter much like Dungeon Keeper Mobile (or Evil Genius for those who remember), but there are no barbaric donation of the first game and second wild imbalance. The timer, the incredibly popular trick in these games, missing – that is, you build the room upgradethe and increase the level of wards. Had the money – everything is possible.

But caps can be earned by the classical method – fulfilling the mission. As a rule, any nonsense: “to collect a hundred units of food”, “make a baby”. Sometimes for the mission give not money, but the lunchbox – set of useful cards, including rare things: a weapon or a new character.

When the shelter will be more or less suitable for life, it is possible to equip the expedition is to choose the most sensible guys and send in the Wasteland. In fact, lottery – soldiers running around a post-apocalyptic world, fighting with mutants and bandits, produce cap, clothes or kit. To influence the process you can’t, your task is to read the report of action and recall mishandled Cossack, if things got hot.

The game looks pretty damn good – as if artists from Bethesda decided to make a cartoon. Corporate identity, given in the last century, instantly recognizable, but its diluted a true family elements: round residents circling the smiles, all smiles and happy. A Sort Of The Sims: Fallout Edition.

Fallout Shelter shareware, however (but!) money is only asked for those lunchboxes – nothing more to buy it physically. Hardly the authors something will earn with this approach, but I think there and this was not – Fallout Shelter was released more as a helper than as separate works.

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Turned out, however, slightly different to deepen refuge, out in the Wasteland and rebuild in the bowels of the cave, its plant was almost more fun than doing quests in Fallout: New Vegas.

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