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TarDisk Pear: the easiest way to double the available memory on MacBook

If there is insufficient memory on the MacBook before the user has a difficult choice: to release the data by removing the information you need to use an external drive or upgrade drive. Replacing the hard drive – the process is quite time-consuming, besides, certain models of Mac provided the space for a second hard drive. MacBook owners experiencing a shortage of disk space, you should turn to a new development from TarDisk.

The company unveiled the expansion module’s flash memory, designed for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display. The product is available in 128 and 256 GB versions and is called TarDisk Pear.

The module is positioned by the manufacturer as a persistent storage that allows you to quickly and easily increase the capacity of your MacBook while maintaining mobility. Installing practically no effect on the size of the laptop, so it can be kept inside constantly. TarDisk Pear fits in a standard SD card slot.

A key advantage of the Pear, in addition to the form factor, is that unlike a normal drive, it is automatically merged with the already existing hard drive of the Mac, creating the analogue of the Fusion Drive. It is implemented by standard means of OS X. fast computer drive to store frequently used files, and all the rest will move automatically on TarDisk Pear.

The main thing you need to pay attention to potential buyers TarDisk Pear – it becomes part of the MacBook. After disabling portable hard drive, some data will be unavailable.

Flash memory TarDisk Pear for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro produced a volume of 128 and 256 GB and costs $149 and $400 respectively.

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