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Mobile app of Ingosstrakh IngoMobile will help you to solve insurance issues from your smartphone

To give users the ability to obtain needed services online is a good thing for companies. Mobile apps are steadily becoming part of everyday life, making it much easier and help save time. This year the company “Ingosstrakh” has released an updated app IngoMobile and offered customers a revolutionary service on the market – remote comprehensive insurance with functions of self -.

The introduction of new technologies in the insurance business allows the company to move to a qualitatively new level of interaction with customers. Now to buy insurance for the car, just a smartphone and Internet access. “Ingosstrakh” offers right in the app to complete the questionnaire, upload documents and photos of the car taken from a certain angle. You will have to wait for a video call from an employee of the company so he could inspect the vehicle. After payment of insurance will be sent by email and are automatically added to the app IngoMobile. From the questionnaire pending receipt of policy all actions occur only on the smartphone. So far, no insurance companies in Russia. “Ingosstrakh” is not complacent and continues to improve the mobile application in the future IngoMobile will be able to claim losses on the hull from a smartphone. It will be the top function for maximum client comfort, to help him save precious time.

Another feature of mobile applications — integrated technology document recognition Smart IDReader. It allows to save time on manual data entry of passport, driver’s license or certificate of registration of the vehicle. Point the smartphone camera at the document and in the appropriate boxes in the application are automatically populated and saved. Smart IDReader works efficiently and safely. Recognition technology does not require high-quality camera and powerful processor on a smartphone. Paperwork is held on the device without sending the images to the server developers.

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Developing IngoMobile, the company thought first and foremost about the user experience. The functionality of the application with clear interface that is straightforward to use. Clients of Ingosstrakh in the app you can see all the current and previously existing policies, detailed information on periods of validity of insurance contracts and enabled options. It’s possible to buy most insurance products or renew existing contracts of insurance. Moreover, the application will notify the customer of the date of expiration of the policy and will offer to renew it. For this it is enough to click on pop-up notification and make the payment online.

IngoMobile also offers its users to calculate the cost of the policy. And all pending calculations are stored and at any moment you can return to them. The application displays the addresses of sales offices, and contacts with experts of the insurance company. In addition, customers don’t need to re-enter data. If a person once bought the policy in IngoMobile all of its data will continue, and the next purchase of the policy is automatically added in the corresponding columns. The client will only have to check it and if necessary make changes. For example, when executing a policy, traveling abroad, the app will store the data of the client, his family and friends, with whom he travels. When taking out the policy, you can choose the amount of coverage and to include in the contract additional services, such as insurance against loss of baggage or accident insurance when engaging in extreme sports. All of this is made in the app in just a few clicks.

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IngoMobile from “Ingosstrakh” — a great choice for those who value their time. Today the app is actively developing, there are new functions that facilitate interaction among customers and insurance companies. Now use any smartphone with Internet access you can insure your car, apartment, house, yourself and your family for the period of travel, and send to the insurance company of the application for health insurance, life and mortgage.
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