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Remote Apple TV Remote the second generation will receive support for 3D Touch

Apple TV fourth generation comes with a remote Apple TV Remote. Accessory lets you manage the content on the screen with a small touch pad at the top. As it became known, Apple is expect to make the Apple TV Remote even more functional due to the technology of 3D Touch.

The surface of the glass panel Apple TV allows you to control your set-top box natural and smooth. The action on the TV screen very quickly and accurately follows the movement of the finger on the remote. This happens quite naturally, so the user does not need to turn his eyes from the screen.

According to a new Apple patent, the company intends to equip the second-generation Apple TV Remote with advanced 3D Touch. The document States that the remote control may include a touch panel which allows you to interact with content on the screen of a two-stage move: pressing force will ensure the implementation of additional actions, depending on the selected object on the screen.

The 3D Touch technology was first used in a “smart” watch Apple Watch, and was later implemented in the MacBook Pro and MacBook, as well as flagship smartphones the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It is responsible for recognition of the power taps on the screen, allowing fewer steps to perform various tasks.

Apple has registered a patent in February of this year. It is likely Apple TV the fifth generation will be equipped with an improved remote control support 3D Touch.

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