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Apple has denied rumors that the set of emoticons Kim Kardashian “nearly brought down” App Store

On Tuesday, the star of reality show Kim Kardashian was presented a personalized series of Emoji, called “kamoji”. After that, famous American actress and model apologized on Twitter for iPhone and iPad users almost brought down the work App Store. The words Kardashian circulated on the Internet tens of thousands of users and hundreds of media worldwide. Today Apple representatives were quick to dissuade the actress that her application could cause so much interest.

Kardashian believes that her signature smiles was an incredible success. Them downloaded from the store allegedly more than 9,000 people per second that resulted in a hung App Store. “Apple, I’m sorry I broke your store,” wrote Kim in his Twitter.

Apple has denied publication TechInsider approval TV stars. Company representatives noted that “App Store yesterday with absolutely no problems.” In Cupertino also denied “9000 downloads in a millisecond” and the employees App Store, which “barely prevented a complete collapse of the catalog”. The app may have caused an increased interest of the users, but such that did not survive the App Store servers.

“Kamoji” can use those who will download eponymous mobile app available in the App Store for 119 rubles. Among the proposed images — smile of a celebrity, a stylized image of her body in a swimsuit and dress, and an image of the famous Kardashian buttocks. Among other Emoji from Kardashian — the donut sneakers from the collection Kanye West X Adidas, Hairdryer from the capsule collection of hair accessories from the Kardashian sisters, Married leather jacket, black heart and others.

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The popular app received a score of 2 out of 5. For it to work you will need iOS 8.0 or later OS version. Age limitation of the application is 17 years.

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