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iPhone SE will repeat the fate of the iPhone 5c: will not continue

In early 2016, Apple released the new iPhone SE the 4 – inch smartphone aimed at supporters of the compact devices. According to Mydrivers, the sales volume of the model was insufficient high, so iPhone SE will the fate of the iPhone 5c, which did not see continue in the face of “iPhone 6c”.

iPhone SE iPhone 5c

4-inch iPhone 5c in bright colors were represented in 2013. It soon became clear that the sale concluded in colourful plastic iPhone 5c, projecting a slightly improved version of last year’s iPhone 5, do not meet the expectations of Apple. Recognized this and Tim cook, who said that the flagship model is attracting more attention. The unit being only slightly cheaper than the flagship iPhone 5s, has not made a significant impact on consumers.

According to the source, with a smartphone, iPhone SE similar situations exist. Analysts explain this by the fact that many Apple users have grown accustomed to a 4.7-inch screen and updated the iPhone 5s with the same design many have not considered it necessary.

If you go beyond the “Apple” products, the iPhone SE is unique in its kind device. On the market enough smartphones with small screen size, but almost all of them belong to low or, at best, an average price category. SE iPhone, in contrast, is not inferior to larger comrades in anything except size.

However, sources claim that while Apple has no plans to release the sequel to iPhone SE. Although much will depend on the success of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. What do you think about iPhone SE?

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