IPhone radiation called non-hazardous

Some time ago, the Chicago Tribune edition excelled. His journalists investigated the level of electromagnetic radiation iPhone. The results were shocking.

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According to the Chicago Tribune, some iPhones are dangerous. Their SAR is far from normal. This is the specific absorption coefficient of electromagnetic energy.

For example, the iPhone X scored 2.19 W / kg. Also unpleasantly surprised iPhone 7 – 3.56 W / kg. These values ​​are higher than permissible in the USA and Europe (1.6 W / kg and 2 W / kg, respectively).

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Report Chicago Tribune interested in the Federal Communications Commission. FCC decided to test the iPhone itself. It took 4 months to test Apple gadgets.

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What are the findings of the FCC experts? The regulator did not find any violations. Apple complies with SAR requirements. There is no reason to withdraw the iPhone from sale.

Sounds like no worries? The Chicago Tribune believes otherwise. First, the FCC hid the details. You can’t take and compare numbers. Secondly, there is a question for standards.

FCC takes measurements at a distance. Between the iPhone and the target – 5 mm. In this case, the device is not dangerous. However, life is more complicated.

IPhone radiation called non-hazardousImage from

People usually put the phone directly to their ear. SAR naturally increases. It is doubtful that this is good for health. Do you support the Chicago Tribune? Write in the comments.

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