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Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge broke all records

The amount of pre-orders for the flagship smartphone Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge was much higher than expected. Such information has the famous Evangelist Samsung Eldar Murtazin. According to him, the most popular is the curved model.

Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge is available for pre-order in 60 countries. According to the statement Murtazina, pre-sales of the new products breaking records in all countries, including Russia.

The journalist cited unofficial statistics according to which 64% of pre-orders is issued for the model Galaxy S7 edge, and the remaining 36% on Galaxy S7. This means that users are more interested in a smartphone with a curved screen, whereas last year, when he was presented the line of Galaxy S6, only about a quarter of pre-orders was designed on the model with a curved display. However, one of the reasons was the shortage of Galaxy S6 edge.

Murtazin said that in Russia the number of pre-orders for the Galaxy smartphones S7 four times more than on the Galaxy S6. Samsung itself is not yet distributed the number of applications for the purchase of devices.

Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge will go on sale March 11. In our country the sale of communicators will start on March 18. Now customers in Russia can pre-order new items for the price of 49 990 rubles for a model Galaxy S7 and 59 990 rubles for modification with curved glass Galaxy S7 edge.

According to the chain of suppliers of Samsung, the company intends to release until April of 17.2 million new flagships.

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