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In China exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 4, causing serious burns 5-year-old girl

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, withdrawn by the manufacturer due to numerous cases of battery fires is not the only explosive smartphone South Korean manufacturer. In the Network appeared information about the incident with tabletom previous generation Samsung: exploded Galaxy Note 4, causing the child severe burns.

Parents 5-year-old girl said that at the time of the explosion, which occurred around 4 a.m., she was at home in my own bed. Father Feng Lingling woke up from the desperate cry of a child. The girl slept next to the bedside table, which was Galaxy Note 4. And the exploding smartphone singed linen and seriously burned the hands and face of the girl.

The burns were so severe that the child is unable to speak or eat. And, though now her life is out of danger, the child’s face was badly disfigured. The girl cries all the time and afraid to approach any of the gadgets that are in the house.

Became the culprit of Galaxy Note 4 was bought by Lingling in August last year. This incident puts Samsung in a very difficult position: previous cases of explosions of South Korean gadgets without serious consequences, but this story will not turn out to be described as a tragedy.

Representatives of the store who sold the smartphone, saying that Samsung already knows about the incident.

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