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France will demand 1 million euros to Apple for each iPhone nerasprodannye terrorists

The trial between the FBI and Apple because it refused to help in hacking the iPhone a terrorist bomb on the whole world. Now the French secret service are going to sue an American Corporation for the payment of one million euros each encrypted mobile gadget.

Last year the French government was not able to unlock eight of smartphones belonging to the terrorists that caused a negative reaction against manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung.

According to French newspaper Le Parisien, a local politician Yann Galya introduced an amendment to the bill, which aims to increase the government’s capacity to combat terrorism and other illegal activities, including organized crime and financial crimes.

“We are faced with a legal vacuum when it comes to data encryption, and it’s blocking a judicial investigation, said Yann Galya. Only money will make these extremely powerful companies such as Apple and Google, to obey. They hide behind the alleged protection of private life, but quickly changed their behavior when it came to commercial use of personal data they collect”.

Apple has not commented on the initiative of the French government. Previously the company stated that providing access to the unlock iPhone will entail risk to the personal data of all users of devices and will cause irreparable harm to the reputation of the brand.

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