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Can interactive encyclopedia become the alternative to paper?

Children’s encyclopedia is a source of useful and interesting information. They help the little discoverer to absorb everything new and to satisfy their inexhaustible curiosity. But if the usual paper encyclopedia to present in a modern interactive format? Obviously, the feeling of interaction with the book will be much brighter, and the effect of training is much more effective. With such “live” encyclopedias can be found on the shelves of the app PlayStory. Unlike other children’s mobile entertainment on the market, this app will help organise the child’s leisure not only interesting but also useful.
The app is available today on iPad and Android devices.

About books

At first glance shows that the library app is not already familiar to the modern parent monsters, walking frames/shooting games/dress up games, clearly developers are of the opinion that if a parent is forced to give the child his tablet, then he will spend time for good.

The books in the store are divided into categories — stories, educational, English, and demos. Several demos, these are free trimmed version of the books. Perhaps this is the right decision — the user can assess the quality of a book, then to make a buying decision.

Encyclopedia of high quality content. It is evident that it is not just the publication of the famous book, and this author’s work, in some cases, even contain traces of serious scientific advice. Encyclopedias we counted four — Space, Geography, encyclopedia of politeness and Anatomy. They are all made differently, apparently — by various authors. If a world Atlas is a classic encyclopedia, Space is made in the form of a dialogue between father and son (remember “What is good and what is bad”). Anatomy made in the form of a story of a little girl (voiced really little girl!) about my body — but not just the story, but with mini-games and Easter eggs laid. Politeness is a whole art book with a bunch of mini-games, Easter eggs and instructive story. In General, there is something to see and where to flip for both children and adults.

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Easily. Two of them — the English alphabet (a fairly simple and boring stuff, but probably useful for entry level) and riddles for kids. Primitive mysteries, designed for the youngest ones, but the graphics and effects are very interesting, recommended!

We should also mention the voice acting books — she really performed at a very high professional level, music is also very interesting, generally well-chosen classic.

Almost all the books in the store are $ 1 (75 rubles), which is beyond any competition in comparison with paper books, and many electronic counterparts.


The user interface is minimalistic and is a copy of the relevant mobile stores Google Play and App Store. Any neponyatok and complaints interface, it allows you to view a list of books with screenshots and descriptions, evaluate, buy, and download books and download a free demo version.

One interesting thing — if all its competitors with similar concepts rather strictly focused on children’s content and interface of the program itself is decorated in a beautiful children’s style, PlayStory prefers a neutral interface, although the content of today also 100% child. On the one hand it gives additional points to attract an audience of children, but is hurt in order to become a full-fledged library with a wide range, not only children.

The editor available to everyone

At first glance it seems that it’s just a collection of fairy tales and tutorials for children aged 2 years and older. But in fact the project is much broader. In addition to the library of interactive books PlayStory is a full-fledged platform-designer for publishers and authors, allowing a minimal cost to publish your own interactive book. On the website it is possible to register as an author and free to use the online editor to create your own interactive books, and then publish it in the store, assigning the price.

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The editor is quite simple and intuitive, if not to get into deep functional wilds, in addition, the site contains detailed instructions. We have identified three main obstacles that face the Amateur author:

  • the plot — he should write really interesting book, enough to meet the high standards of the store it then sell
  • the content is rarely one of the authors is both a professional Illustrator and actor with a well-trained voice — that is, likely will have to pay for the illustrations and voice acting.
  • minimal experience with computer and shrewdness to master the layout of the book in an interactive editor. Probably the person who knows how to turn on the TV, deal with it. In addition, the project PlayStory offers authors free advice on layout.

At the moment in the library, only children’s books, this is understandable, because it is obvious that preschoolers these books will definitely be exciting. But I wonder if the author that is using the online designer will make is really successful adult book or magazine — this is a major breakthrough.

Well the most important question — to whom and for what purpose? Answers, from our point of view, a few:

– for authors – this creates a fundamentally new type of content and the space for creativity at the intersection of literature, theatre and computer games;

for parents — allows you to take the child reading and education in a fun way. Besides, in comparison with paper books is very cheap, quality is always at hand a source. Traveling, waiting in line to see a doctor, as a reward or just bedtime stories — ideal;

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– for children — if they have long been “addicted” to gadgets — the ability to switch with an infinite “dress up games”, advertising review on YouTube and cartoons on something new, interesting and useful for personal development.

Playstory can download for free in the App Store and Google Play.

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