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Popular on Android notes Manager Google Keep was released on iPhone and iPad

Google Keep is one of the best apps for taking notes on Android is now available on iOS devices. The program, which is used by over 10 million people, allows you to create, edit, and share your notes from virtually any device.

Google Keep is a web application, a plugin for Chrome, and the mobile client. The functionality is very similar, although there are slight variations. The desktop version transparently synchronize with mobile — it is worth adding a note on your smartphone, and you can see her on the computer screen, or Vice versa.

When you run the application on a mobile device Google Keep asking which account to use: you can choose the one that is registered to the device, or add a new one.

The app is available for iOS four types of notes: text, voice, graphics, and lists. However, in this one post you can use pictures, lists, and text, so the choice of notes is very conditional. No buttons to save and edit in the app there — everything as simple as possible. Added the note, and returned to the General list — and it shows. Clicked on the thumbnail, made changes, returned to the General list — and note updated.
Voice notes immediately transcribed, and so they can listen, and read.

If you choose to add photos, Google Keep immediately throws you on the camera, and the captured picture is saved in the note. Choose a photo made earlier, it is possible, only if you open the gallery. No steps with pictures not available — even a simple image rotation is not possible.

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Way to organize the notes you have several available — highlighting and tags. No sorting alphabetically or on a Notepad. It is possible to think in advance what color will match, for example, work notes, and some personal, but not all people suitable visual classification.

The application Google Keep is completely free. Supported devices on iOS 8 and above.

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