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Jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 on approach, encourage developers to roll back to iOS 9

Hackers are developing exploits for jailbreaking iOS 8.4.1. Wrote about this on the forum Reddit user under the nickname Leofravega. He urged all concerned to roll back to iOS 9 to iOS 8 and wait for news from developer Luke Todesco.

In his microblog Todesco wrote that he found everything necessary for the preparation of the jailbreak utility vulnerability and now leads the development of the program. To a question from a user on Twitter, why doesn’t he wait until the release of iOS 9.1, the developer responded that his “hole” of security in iOS 9 are closed.

“Install [iOS 8.4.1 – approx. MacDigger], while there is such a possibility. All vulnerabilities in place. No idea when it will be release, but the jailbreak will be released,” wrote Luke Todesco.

Now all users who decide to upgrade to iOS 9, there is a chance to return to iOS 8.4.1. Apple has traditionally after the release of each new OS leaves for a while the opportunity. However, the matter of days. In August, Apple stopped signing iOS 8.4 9 days after the release of iOS 8.4.1. In July of this year, users were 7 days when they could go back to iOS 8.3. Since the release of iOS 9 it’s been 8 days, so the “window” may be closed at any moment. How to do to downgrade the firmware with iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1, can be found on this page.

At the same time carried out the work on the exploits for iOS 9. In the beginning of the month known in the jailbreak environment the developer has posted online the video from compromised operating system. The video shows the iPhone 5, the screen which shows the Verbose mode-load with a custom logo and unofficial apps store Cydia. After the launch of the smartphone developer comes to the settings of the operating system, shows the iOS version, and then runs Cydia.

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This week the company ZERODIUM announced his readiness to pay 1 million dollars for exclusive access to the jailbreak for iOS 9.

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