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App GeoZilla notify the change in graphics user’s movement

In the new version of family locator GeoZilla the function that defines the deviation of the user from routine movement. It will be especially helpful for parents watching their children from home to school, the sports section and back.

With the help of special algorithms GeoZilla analyzes daily schedule of movement of people for several weeks and the data obtained is personalized schedule for each day.

For example, if a child does not come to school to start the lesson, GeoZilla notify his parents or other close, watching his movements, and report the current location of the child. In the same way will be sent alerts if the child earlier or later than usual left the school.

The parents can set what alerts they want to receive: on deviations from the schedule of arrival to the destination or timetable for the withdrawal thereof, and to define a time interval during which the child must leave the place. If not, GeoZilla will also send a notification.

The app allows you to always be aware of where to find relatives and stay in touch with them using the built-in service online chat.

Tracker the history of the movement shows the route of movement of people for the entire day, as well as its precise location in near real time. With the help of GeoZilla you can receive notifications when man arrives to a certain place, be it home, school or office and when it leaves. In addition, the service can send an SOS alert that is instantly relatives.

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In addition, GeoZilla monitors the battery level and if battery discharge sends a corresponding message to all his family and friends. And thanks to active use of technologies of artificial intelligence and personalization, GeoZilla can still extend battery life. ACCORDING to the developers, the level of consumption GeoZilla battery is the smallest in comparison with analogues.

Locator GeoZilla is available for download on any device under control of iOS or Android. You can download the app free at this link.

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