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Morning developer at WWDC: the terrible trainer and Powerbeats 3 gift

Apple pays more attention to the health and active lifestyle. Therefore, the conference for developers WWDC together with Nike has organized a series of running sessions. Participants received instruction from leading coaches and prizes.

Early morning on June 6 in San Jose began with a training Run WWDC. The developers, armed with your iPhone or Apple Watch and Nike+ Running, gathered at a conference center named after Machinery.

In front of them with a welcome speech by Jay Blahnik, Director for technologies of fitness and health in the Apple. He thanked Nike for a ten-year partnership with the Corporation that began with Nike+ iPod.

Then he was joined by Jules Arney, live which showed the possibility of watchOS 5 during the presentation, pedaling on a stationary bike. And after Chris Bennett, known in the world, Nike+ Run Club as coach Bennett.

The participants of the run were asked to choose the mode of “Managed race,” by which they were able to hear some words of encouragement from leading trainers Nike Run Club, celebrities and athletes directly during training.

Because to run to music much easier, everyone who came out for a morning jog, I received a gift wireless headphones Powerbeats 3. This model is well suited for training and stays in place even in heavy traffic.

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