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Nokia official announced the return to the smartphone market

We have already heard that Nokia is going to return to the smartphone market. This info is now received official confirmation from the manufacturer, who announced his intention to find a partner for production, promotion and distribution of the phones under the Nokia brand.

The Finnish manufacturer has issued a statement about the search for a world class partner for the production and sale of communicators on the model of brand licensing. The duties of a partner will include the direct production, sales, marketing, smartphones, and client support. Nokia will develop design and technological diversity.

Nokia stressed that the company brand is still recognizable by millions of consumers worldwide, and also spoke about the difficulties with the resumption of activity in the segment of mobile devices.

In September 2013, Microsoft and Nokia agreed to sell smartphone business software Microsoft for 5.4 billion euros. Under the agreement, Microsoft will use the Nokia brand for 10 years from the date of signing the contract. At the same time, Nokia, according to the terms, pledged not to license its brand to other companies in the period up to December 2015, and not to produce mobile phones (including smartphones under the Nokia brand.

Nevertheless, the company can start the development of new devices. As happened with the N1 tablet on Android, which was assembled by Foxconn and Chinese at the start of sales was available exclusively in China.

Nokia left mobile business due to losses. In 2012 the company’s revenue from sales of mobile devices totaled 15.7 billion, which is 34% lower than in 2011. And operating loss from the activity in this direction was fixed at 1.1 billion euros by the end of 2012.

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