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Michael Fassbender: I don’t need to be like Steve jobs

One of the most frequent criticisms addressed to the new biopic “Steve jobs” is that performing the main role actor Michael Fassbender is not like jobs. In an interview with TIME Fassbender has admitted that in the film, he really looks different, but stated that the goal to make it a double jobs and was not.

“We decided that I should not be looking at jobs, and that we will not even try to make me double, says Fassbender. – We just wanted to convey the spirit of history.”

Given that recently we have seen not a good reincarnation in jobs from Ashton Kutcher, there’s nothing wrong with that Fassbender looks nothing like the legendary entrepreneur. The main thing is that his game has correctly reflected the character of the head of Apple.

Anthony Hopkins was not at all similar to President Richard Nixon in the painting 1995, but looked more than convincing thanks to his acting skills. The Fassbender, incidentally, said that faced with problems, trying to master the technical wizardry of Steve jobs.

“I am far from modern technology. They act strange around me, constantly break. I did not use mobile phones – until people began to tell me: “We are unable to contact you, so can’t go on”” he added.

The crew of the biopic tries to consider all the nuances. For example, the film was shot in San Francisco, where there was a real event – although the scene indoors filmmaker could put anywhere.

“The financiers said, “You can shoot this film in Prague and to save 5 million dollars!”, – recalls the Director Danny Boyle. But I believe that in this place [San Francisco] the modern world was born. Until then, until there is another important event, the world will use the results of the work conducted here.”

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Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin commented on the decision to make a biopic of three scenes from different periods of the life of jobs, each of which shall tell of what happened backstage before the presentation of the key Apple products.

“This is not a story of birth, this is not the story of the invention, it is not the story of how the Mac was created, said Sorkin. – I think the audience expects to see his father with a small boy who sees the window of the electronics store, and then sees the best achievements of Steve jobs. But I don’t think I can write well about it.”

Painting with Fassbender in the lead role will be released on the wide screen 9 October.

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