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What do you expect from a “smart” speakers Apple?

Apple, as you know, is preparing to launch its own voice assistant from home. Presentation of the “smart” column Speaker with Siri-enabled voice control is expected in the next month. According to analysts of KGI Securities, Apple to announce a competitor to the smart speaker Amazon Echo and Google Home at WWDC.

The annual event for developers WWDC will be held from 5-9 June. Sources claim that the “smart” column will be shown “with a probability of more than 50%”. The gadget can be used to play music, search the Internet, reminders of upcoming events etc. he may come in the fall.

Information about upcoming Apple product have already got into the media. Presumably, the Speaker will get Siri integration with voice assistant Siri, cylindrical body style Mac Pro with a concave top with built-in controls, and seven speakers and a subwoofer, which will provide high quality sound. The device has a system of several microphones which may capture a voice command from the far end of the room. In terms of performance the device will give iPhone 6/6s.

Last week, Apple Vice President Phil Schiller, when asked about the attitude of the “smart” assistants admitted that just a voice interface in some cases impractical – to work with maps or play only the voice is uncomfortable or even not really. Top Manager, of course, did not comment on the rumors about the preparation of home-assistant on the basis of Siri, however, a detailed conversation about the limited voice control gives reason to believe that the “smart” column of the users will display.

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To interact with electronics will probably be suggested to use as a wireless Bluetooth connection and the Wi-Fi connection. Control over the activities of Siri Speaker may be implemented via the mobile app. The device is connected to iCloud and be in constant expectation of voice commands.

Users Siri Speaker will be able to listen to music via AirPlay, to turn on the lights in the house to control appliances, locks, garage doors, etc. through deep integration with HomeKit, and also at any time apply to assistant with various assignments. If the information is confirmed, Apple may have to teach the “smart” column to distinguish between users to grant access rights to smart systems, only a certain number of persons that have passed all the stages of authentication. It can become a serious competitive advantage of Apple product.

About the value of Siri Speaker information yet, but given the pricing of Apple rely on the availability of new items is not necessary. For comparison, the cost of Amazon Echo is $179, Google’s Home – $114.

Below is a list of the main features of Siri Speaker:

  • Hi-Fi sound.
  • Russian language support.
  • The ability to distinguish users.
  • Interact with AirPlay.
  • Support For Apple Music.
  • Battery for Autonomous operation.
  • Built-in display.
  • Functions HomeKit.
  • Stylish design.

If you have decided to make a list of desired functions for smart speakers Apple, which would have included? What you need Siri Speaker to become a popular product?

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