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Smart strap call an IP phone allows you to talk on the phone, putting a finger to his ear [video]

The South Korean company Innomdle Lab, affiliated with Samsung, is preparing to launch a wrist band for smart watch that allows users to talk on the phone, tapping your finger on the ear.

The secret of work call an IP phone is the special design of straps for “smart” watches, which were first presented to the South Korean developers in January at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Watch connected to your smartphone, which through the “smart strap bracelet sound is transmitted to the body of the owner in the form of vibrations. Thus, tightly holding a finger to his ear, one will hear the voice of the interlocutor.

According to the developers, this device isolates background noise that allows you to talk in places with large concentrations of people, such as in the subway, at concerts or during football matches.

“The idea came up after one of my friends complained about their “smart” watches. He felt at ease due to the fact that others heard his phone conversation,” shared CEO Innomdle Lab Choi Yoon-Chul. However, to meet the interlocutors have in the traditional way, despite the smart strap.

Call an IP phone connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and supports devices on iOS and Android. The launch of new products in sales is planned towards the end of the year.

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