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Next to Apple: Microsoft has opened its flagship store on Fifth Avenue

Microsoft has opened in new York flagship store located on Fifth Avenue, near the flagship Apple store. Glass cube Apple is located in the neighborhood, just a few blocks.

The rapprochement of the two giants continues: the last of the presentation of the Apple employees came out to tell Microsoft about the latest Apple gadgets, and now the company have neighbors on the streets of Manhattan. Microsoft has opened on Fifth Avenue its first flagship store — transparent and equipped with many desktops.

Microsoft employees explain that the concept of a new space — bright and airy — is such that anyone will be able to come here and work with the interesting devices, among which is the newly formed laptop company. On the second floor of the store is equipped with a special area for playing Xbox.

The store is about five minutes walk from the flagship Apple store. This strategy is justified by the users who go to the store to look at new items from Cupertino, can easily be distracted by the Microsoft store in the computers, smartphones and Xbox consoles. Attendance can later be transformed into real sales.

However, the fundamental difference between Apple Store Microsoft Store is the fact that Apple stores mostly sell equipment manufactured by the company itself, whereas in Microsoft stores the main part of the range appliances from manufacturers-partners.

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