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Users “Vkontakte” were scared by the news of the closure of the social network

At the weekend the Network has spread the news about the closure of “Vkontakte” on Monday. Users of the popular social network, has arranged about this panic.

I’m sure many of the users “Vkontakte” ever wondered what would happen if social networks become. The main problem is that many users accounts stored a lot of personal information, friends, correspondence. So this weekend the users of the domestic “social sphere” were panic-stricken, when there was the news that “Facebook” is closed, and the personal data of users will be in the public domain.

The panic was provoked by one of the users “Vkontakte”, which is on his wall posted by sharing with friends, that soon the social network will be closed. To protect your personal information from viewing by others, according to the informant, it was necessary to post his message to each user on his wall.

“Monday program Vkontakte It will not be completely removed!(( We sit Vkontakte left quite a bit. So, here’s to all your correspondence, and pictures, and the pictures are not plastered all over the Internet throw yourself on the wall here it is!”, — said in the text of the message.

The message quickly spread on social networks. Started mass publishing across social media with hashtags #Vernidubov #ukive #Castanet. To stop the panic, the administration of “Vkontakte” even had to issue an official statement that the site be closed were not going, and for spreading false information technical support conducted its own investigation. It was found that this action was merely an attempt to promote one of the accounts of unscrupulous user.

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Despite all the assurances of the leadership, the prospect of the imminent closure of the social network scared a lot of users who use “Vkontakte” not only for work but also for storing important data. The incident raises questions about the role of social networks in our lives. Note that this is not an isolated case, a similar situation occurred in “Vkontakte” a couple of months ago.

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