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Published the first images of the “iPhone 8” from Meizu

Rumors attributed to the upcoming iPhone 8 screen from edge to edge and lacking the earpiece, camera and Home button front panel. The device supposedly will not be a part of not only the sides but the top and bottom. The Chinese company Meizu is going to outstrip Apple with the release of this device.

According to network sources, Meizu is working on a new fully-frameless smartphone. Confirmation was published the first images of the Communicator of the company with a large display “edge to edge”, which features a fingerprint scanner. Most likely, the role of the biometric sensor performs ultrasonic sensor Qualcomm.

Small frame around the display are still present, however, this model has lost the broad framework in the lower part, which remained with the newly released Xiaomi Mi Mix. It is reported that fully frameless smartphone Meizu will be presented on 24 December 2016.

In late October, Xiaomi introduced a 6.4-inch smartphone Mi Mix, the display of which is not part of the top and sides. The main feature of the device is the incredible ratio of the area of the screen to the entire facial surface of 91.3%.

The first batch of Xiaomi Mi Mix sold out in just 10 seconds. Will the new machine Meizu become as popular as the competitor – time will tell.

Not long ago, journalist and technical expert Robert Scoble said, citing “very reliable sources” that the next iPhone will receive a glass case mounted on a metal base, and a fully edge-to-edge display, which will stretch from edge to edge. Front camera, Touch ID, dynamics and other sensors will be integrated directly into the device screen.

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Earlier this year Apple was granted a patent for technology integration scanner Touch ID in the display. One of them involves the use of ultrasound technology that will allow you to place dactyloscopy under the display panel and to improve the accuracy and speed compared to capacitive sensors like Touch ID.

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