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Apple hands out free one of the best games in the platformer genre Love You To Bits

Apple has once again decided to please fans of games in the genre. In the framework of “app of the week” is a free cool game Love You To Bits. This is a touching story of love, encased in a framework of a future in which robots have taken place in society along with people. And one such seemingly unusual couple in the game and question.

Robo-friend of the main character was torn to pieces, scattered all over the universe. Without thinking twice, he decided to go the long and dangerous adventure to find all the details. Gamers will have to explore all the planets to find the lost parts and assemble girlfriend.

On your way will be a variety of space objects, replete with references to various world cultures, which is funny interpreted in the bright setting of the distant future. In the course of the gameplay you should closely around, to look into the details and items in the levels in order not to miss.

The game consists of 24 levels. But a small number should not be misleading. Because each level is a small masterpiece, hand-drawn. Even the mechanics at levels much different: you need to go round the planet, the level consists of two dozen parts, and in each moment of time only one is visible.

And let the bright colors don’t bother you, because there are very important the attention to detail. You’ll marvel at the detail, thanks to which are born the unique atmosphere of the futuristic tale.

The interface and game mechanics reminiscent of the one in Tiny Thief. This is no accident – the developers of Alike Studio was part of the team that developed “Little thief”. The creators of the project are well versed in the design of game levels, the puzzles and the interesting positioning of the plot, but because Love You to Bits is definitely worth your attention.

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Love You to Bits will be available for free during the week, a link to the download here.

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