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Book Apple for $300 you can use instead of armour [video]

Smartphones, the most miserable device on the planet every day they scratch, drop, drown and forget. Periodically they arrange crash tests, and sometimes they explode themselves, turning into a charred piece of glass and plastic. The authors of the project EverythingApplePro decided to test another model of mobile device, and a new book to Apple for $ 300.

We are talking about the edition Designed by Apple in California, dedicated to the history of design of Apple products. The book consists of 450 photographs of different devices “Apple” of the company issued in the last 20 years.

For beginning bloggers attached to the dummy bulletproof vest Class III-A Body Armor, and then opened fire. Then the armor was replaced with a book, and then repeated the experiment. In all there were 8 shots. The book has detained six shots, conceding just two.

At the end of the video for the sake of experiment enthusiasts have cut the book in half, folded it in half and again took a few shots. As such, it did not miss a single shot.

Thus, if you have no armor, when meeting with the armed man is the presence of a 450-page book Apple will significantly increase the chances of survival. Just need to know what body parts to cover better. In any case, it will protect not worse, than the Kevlar bulletproof vest Class III-A Body Armor.

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