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Battery can be recharged in 5 minutes

The Spanish company Graphenano promises by the end of this year to bring to market graphene-polymer battery three times more capacity than Li-ion. Technology advantage is not only higher capacity but also in speed charging. Graphenano the battery charged in 5 minutes.

Grabat Energy, a subsidiary of Graphenano to the end of the year comercializare graphene batteries of large capacity. A new battery will increase the battery life of mobile devices three times, which in most cases will completely resolve the problems with the autonomy of smartphones and laptops.

The design of the plant for the production of new batteries joint: Spanish Graphenano and Chinese Chint, which paid 18 million euros for 10% of the Spanish company. In General, money it is planned to build a plant with 20 production lines. In the first phase, the plant received a 30 million Euro investment to install equipment and hire employees. At this stage the plant will produce up to 80 million battery cells.

The second stage big: Chint plans to invest 350 million euros in the construction of the second plant, which will have 5,000 employees. Total income is projected at 3 billion euros.

Graphene battery is much better than Li-ion. First of all, he can be charged for a third time duration, charging conventional Li-ion and fast charge — in just 5 minutes. In the case of batteries for electric vehicles specific capacity of the battery is 1,000 W*h/kg at a voltage of 2.3 V. For comparison, a conventional lithium-ion batteries, this rate is approximately equal to 200 W*h/kg. Due to high specific capacitance, stokilogrammovye graphene battery provides mileage of 800 km.

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A new battery can have a huge impact on the world market. Weak, heavy batteries — the main problem of modern technology. Among other things, the lack of light powerful and capacious battery is the cause of too slow implementation in mass production of wearable electronics, as well as electric transport, including air and robotics.

All the evidence suggests that graphene is closer than ever to the mobile market. The question is, who first introduced the technology in smartphones. It is hoped that Apple will be among the first.

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