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Wikileaks has described the conditions under which he will discover Apple and Google hacking the secrets of the CIA

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange promised to provide access to hacking tools of us intelligence Apple, Google, Microsoft and other IT companies. However, he put forward a number of conditions.

Julian Assange, admitted that the companies will be difficult to fix vulnerabilities in its products based solely on the information gleaned from the documents of the CIA. The fact that they themselves are hacking tools secret services was not published, severely restricts developers. Therefore, Wikileaks has decided to go to manufacturers to meet.

Assange sent a letter in which stated the conditions under which he will share secret information. In particular, companies should provide assurances that will close the discovered vulnerabilities within 90 days. After this period of time the company will be required to publicly disclose information about bugs that are exploited by the CIA. That is, corrections must be developed and released in three months.

“We decided to cooperate with them to provide exclusive access to additional technical information, which we possess that they were able to develop patches and release them, thereby safeguarding the people. After that, when we “disarm” the program by removing the critical components, we will publish additional details of the incident,” said the founder of WikiLeaks.

Earlier this week, the website WikiLeaks has published more than 8 700 documents that were stored in the isolated internal network of the Center for cierraspice based in the headquarters of the CIA in Langley. In particular, representatives of the service claim that the CIA hackers have developed many ways to “infection control and transmission of data” with smartphones iPhone, tablets iPad and other devices.

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Also, the security services were looking for a zero-day vulnerability, which might not know even the developers of the devices. It is known that on Android found 24 vulnerabilities in iOS seven.

Earlier it was reported that in Silicon valley, I doubt whether it is necessary to cooperate with Assange. Representatives of a number of IT companies said that the secret character of the published documents means that even simple acquaintance with them without prior permission of the US authorities is illegal.

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