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Muscovites flee from “the Megaphone” Tele2

Moscow users rate the tariffs of new mobile operator Tele2. In the period from October 2015 to January 2016 Moscow branch of the company gained through the service of number portability (MNP) more than 100 000 subscribers. Most of the “defectors” before used “the Megaphone”.

The MNP service to switch to Tele2 decided to use 56 000 subscribers, and another 2,000 turned to child Yota. Experts attribute such a massive against other players of the capital market waste with the age of the audience “the Megaphone”. A considerable part of this are young people, and these categories are very price sensitive and mobile. General Director of services Dr. Tariff Alexander Voloshchuk said that it was not only the expense of the rates, but in low brand loyalty.

Large losses and Moscow MTS: it has 4 months left 37 000 subscribers of “Beeline” MNPшников decline amounted to 9 000 customers (a considerable number of them are employees of the Tele2 which to launch its network serviced is in the “Beeline”).

At the moment the loss of subscribers is not critical for any of Moscow’s operators, said Roem. By mid-summer of last year the base “the Megaphone” has averaged 12.6 million contracts, that is, the loss amounted to a negligible proportion. However, even that was enough to make the operator concerned with the conservation of the number of users — it currently carries out advertising campaigns, and the child Yota promotes competitive rates for travelers.

The smallest among the “big three” loss of subscribers “Beeline” can be explained by the fact that Tele2 does not work in 2G and additionally remaining in Moscow “Beeline” subscriber base of more conservative and not prone to the use of MNP.

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